About Us

The history and ongoing mission of APM Graphics Management

A short history

The company was established in England during 1983 as a graphic art and media buying facility acting as a conduit between UK provincial newspapers and their advertisers.

In 1988 the business opened a small typesetting studio in Australia which quickly developed into the operation it is today, offering graphic design, editing, photography, printing, distribution, mailing and, of course, the original professional typesetting.

We maintain a grass roots approach with a strong focus on client/supplier empathy, attention to detail and an almost pathological drive to be the most efficient providers in our industry.

Management lies at the heart of everything we do. All too often skilled professionals and tradespeople alike diminish the value of their services through simple mismanagement. For us, project management is king.

We make no grandiose claims about doing more than others, we just do it better.

Projects Managed
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Our mission

As a specialist team of graphics professionals backed by over twenty years of experience in the graphics industry the mission of APM Graphics Management is:

  • to provide our clients with an efficient, one-stop facility for the total production and optimisation of their visual communications
  • to maximize the return on investment made by our clients in their visual communications
  • to provide the highest levels of professional service delivered with confidence, understanding and courtesy
  • to achieve excellence through a process of continuous improvements to our management systems, technologies, people and skills
  • to provide quality of our products and services as the highest priority and as the equal responsibility of each one of us.