We have many years experience in the production of Annual Reports, IPO Prospectuses, Merger and Acquisition Documents, Quarterly Reports etc.

In twenty years we have never missed a single deadline. These publications require careful project management in order to maintain rigid time schedules. They are often dependent upon the input of accountants, lawyers, independent experts, the Stock Exchange and ASIC. APM ensures the collaboration of these contributors is as seamless as possible. This is our core business and we are experts at it.

IPOs and Prospectuses

These are crucial pieces of corporate communication – and APM has the experience to clearly, accurately and creatively present your offer to your prospective shareholders. And not just the documents themselves! We also can help produce clear and easy-to-use forms, notices and other collateral that will ensure the information you want gets into the hands of those who need it, and arrange the mailing so that they receive it when you want them to.

Annual Reports

Annual reports can be much more than the legally-mandated documents that they often are. Researchers from Miami University School of Business conducted a series of three studies: one with finance students, one with members of the general population, and one with more experienced investors. After reviewing the first few pages of annual reports, participants rated firms with more attractive reports higher than those with less attractive reports.

You can read more about how a well-designed annual report can help your company in our blog posts ‘More than just a pretty face’ and ‘Don’t do it in word!

Shareholder Communications

As marketing documents, the design of your corporate publications must convey the right message to stakeholders (bankers, shareholders, brokers, analysts, financiers, employees, customers, bureaucrats) with widely differing agendas. Whether it’s a quarterly report, powerpoint presentation, notice of meeting or anything else that you want your stakeholders to see, we can work with your corporate image to communicate clearly and concisely.