Responsible for the overall running of APM Graphics Management, but still trying to cling on to as much creative design and production work as possible…

A short history

After leaving Art College in 1987, I worked in various design studios and advertising agencies in Birmingham and London. Creative design and typography soon became my favoured fields but after a time with a top Midlands advertising agency, photography, advertising, marketing, exhibition, retail and all things print took me in another direction for a while. In 1995 I joined HTDL, a small agency in Henley-in-Arden. In control of my own clients, I gained the skills and experience needed to run a busy design studio – dealing with clients, suppliers and staff, managing projects from inital budgets and schedules through to final invoice – whilst continuing to play a major role in the creative and production tasks involved.

In 2003, after putting it off too long, my Australian wife and I emigrated to Australia. After six months of commuting to Sydney working with the design and marketing departments of the Study Group, KPMG, AMP and Macquarie Bank I decided, enough is enough. I’ve always enjoyed working in a small agency environment, so I started my search.

A few weeks later I ran into Dick Gill and APM Graphics Management. Five minutes from home but with sophisticated clients in Sydney and other major cities throughout the region, how could I resist?

Eleven years later, in July 2014, Dick Gill decided it was time for him to “start taking it easy”. He asked if I’d like to take over the business and I said yes.