In general usage typography is the practical and artistic arrangement of type and printing with type as a means of visual communication.
Next to word of mouth, type is still the primary tool of communication and is one of the most valuable resources of our civilization.

Professional typesetting links the verbal with the visual and can shout or whisper, convey lightness or darkness, dignity, elegance or toughness.

Too often type is used like gift wrapping which decorates but hides the central message. If the reader has to work at receiving the written message, things have gone badly wrong. Typesetters have done their job only if your message comes through clearly and without effort.

Regretfully desktop publishing has much to answer for as it has put typesetting into the hands of anyone who owns a computer. The skills of font selection and size, kerning, leading and word spacing have become tools of decoration and copyfitting rather than of legibility, retention and comprehension.

Through a full understanding of the basic components, rules and conventions of typography, APM Graphics Management is one of the few companies still offering typesetting at a professional level.

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