Giving back

Over the years we have forged strong partnerships with a number of organisations, some of these we sponsor.

All of our current clients have been recommendations by someone who trusts us and is confident enough to recommend our services. This works both ways. If we come across organisations who we feel are doing the right thing for their industry/community we try to help where we can.


Theatre Network NSW

Theatre Network NSW is the peak agency for theatre in NSW.
We are proud to have been Principal Sponsor since 2016.


Theatre Network NSW (TNN) enables a strong and diverse ecology of theatre professionals in NSW, creating and sustaining the networks and activities that ensure vibrant creative collaboration throughout the state, and at all levels of the sector.


Our purpose is to lead, strengthen and support the professional theatre industry. We do this by building capacity in the small-to-medium and independent sector and by connecting and working closely with stakeholders including the major performing arts companies, industry peers and strategic partners.


Sydney Mining Club

The Sydney Mining Club is the premier Mining Club in Australia. APM has been a member since 1997 and a sponsor since 2009.


The initial impetus for the formation of the Sydney club was discontent in the mining community with many aspects of the professional institutes and most of all with their ability to bring people together. Our activism led to the first changes to the constitution of the largest Institute in more than a century. But we were keen not to be seen purely as critics. So we started the Sydney Mining Club to fill at least one of the holes that we had been pointing to.

In our modest beginnings we didn’t quite realize the strength of some underlying principles. These are:

  • Be inclusive – come to one Mining Club forum and you are ‘a member’ for life. In practice it means you are permanently added to our email list and are not required to pay any membership fee or perform any formality.
  • Include the media as our guests.
  • Avoid droning and technical presenters. Prepare speakers to take a lively ‘current affairs’ outlook to their story and to give something of a beachhead presentation about their company growth, their passions, rocks, riches and the big picture behind their work.
  • Limit the formalities and introductions. Present with a tight lunchtime slot that gets you back to the office soon after 2.00 pm.
  • Remind the members that they own the club and try to reflect their sentiments in the Club’s running.

We’ve helped our friends at the Melbourne Mining Club and Brisbane Mining Club to adapt this platform to suit the moulds of those great mining centres.

The Sydney Mining Club meets every month except January on the first Thursday. The Melbourne Mining Club meets every second month on the second Thursday and Brisbane also meets every second month but on the third Thursday.


Freemason Magazine

The Freemason Magazine is the official Journal of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory. APM have been producing the magazine since 1993.


Before 1993, APM were involved with the Freemason, producing the artwork, printing and distributing to every Freemason in NSW and ACT. In 1993 we took over the whole production process and became advisers to the Editorial Committee. In 2002 we were invited to join the Editorial Committee and have been a member of it ever since.

Being more closely involved with the editorial process allowed us to contribute more to the magazine as creative professionals helping to secure and maintain the Freemason‘s enviable position as one of the most admired masonic periodical publications in Australia and beyond.

We are very proud to support the magazine and the fabulous charitable work the fraternity does in our state and throughout the world.

Editorial Policy

Aims of the Freemason magazine

  • To uphold and promote those values, morals and virtues which Freemasonry believes are universal and enduring.
  • To foster a better understanding of Freemasonry
    within the general community.
  • To provide a forum for discussion on masonic issues.
  • To publicise the charitable works of Freemasonry.
  • To provide articles of interest and education and to disseminate masonic
    news and views.
  • To recognise masons who make significant contributions to the Craft
    and the wider community.

Gosford District Tennis Association

We redesigned the brand for Gosford District Tennis Association and the Gosford Tennis Club in 2014 and have supported them ever since.

Tennis has been played in Gosford and surrounding city council areas since the 1890’s, with the Gosford Tennis Club (GTC) forming in 1906. The GTC then became an affiliate and Association, under the name Gosford District Tennis Assoc. in March 1933. In 1959, Gosford Tennis Club (GTC) and the headquarters of the GDTA moved to its current site located at Racecourse Rd, West Gosford, known as Vaughan Park (Main Centre) from the now known site of Central Coast Stadium.

In 1975 the Whitlam Red Scheme provided funding of $1M to construct an additional tennis Centre located across from the Main Centre, on Racecourse Rd and called the Northern or lower Complex. This Centre took the total number of tennis courts to 23 and car parking for approx. 150 motor vehicles. In the early 1990’s the Gosford City Band Hall was constructed however both the Main and Northern Centre’s have predominately been used for the tennis community hosting National, State and Regional events and once boasting a membership of approximately 1,600 players. The GDTA was incorporated as a not-for- profit entity in May 2001 and today 2,000 registered members play within the Gosford LGA.

From 1997, the day-to day operations of the club have been managed by a business licensee and as of 31 December 2016, the GDTA has fully operated the business, trading under the GTC to comply with current Council leasing requirements. The GDTA submits on behalf of the 16 Tennis Centre’s within the LGA requests to host major tennis events that are regularly played at the GTC.


Central Coast Half Marathon

The Half Marathon and 10km Fun Run annually raise funds for the NSW Cancer Council.

This event is proudly organised by the Central Coast Hash House Harriers – a not-for-profit running club located on the NSW Central Coast. For over 40 years the club has offered its members and guests sociable, non-competitive runs and walks along pre-set trails from different locations across the Central Coast each week.

Proceedings from the events go towards our charity beneficiaries, as well as the local community groups that help make our event possible


A Start in Life

Since designing the new corporate logo and style in 2010 we have sponsored this worthy charity, helping our kids with their educational needs.

Founded in 1923, A Start in Life is a small, Australian charity which has for over 90 years supported the education of more than 6,500 young Australians (aged 4-24) whose circumstances have been identified as necessitous, including young people who are living below the poverty line and those whose families are facing crisis.

Our Mission

“To assist young Australians in necessitous circumstances to overcome the barriers to their education, enabling them to reach their potential.”

We achieve our mission by
  • Ensuring the provision of adequate early, primary, secondary and tertiary education for those referred to us for support.
  • Providing financial aid for educational essentials, including any necessary clothing, textbooks and equipment.
  • Proving opportunities to access other aspects of a well-rounded education, such as extra-curricular activity, access to technology and remedial tuition in areas of under-performance.
  •  Providing financial aid to address health and medical conditions which impede on a student’s school performance and/or attendance.
  • Recognising scholastic attainments and encouraging the vocational or professional ambitions or aptitudes of the students we assist.
Our Commitment

A Start in Life is committed to

  • The careful stewardship of funds entrusted to us by supporters
  • Good governance and risk management
  • Rigorous, comprehensive and fair assessment practices
  • Tailored support to address individual needs
  • Continued engagement with students and families

Freemasons on the Central Coast

Simon became a member in 2018 and is now a Director of the Company.

Karagi Court Limited (Trading as Freemasons on the Central Coast) are a local charity who provide relief to necessitous persons within the Central Coast Community. For example, relief to aged persons, relief of sickness or disabilities of persons and assisting in the advancement of education as well as any other purpose beneficial to the Central Coast Community.