About us

At APM Graphics we approach every project with a balance of creativity and commercial awareness. We employ our advertising, marketing, design and communication experience in conjunction with the latest production techniques and a lot of passion to work closely and actively with each client.

How we began

Established in 1988, APM Graphics Management has built a reputation for using practical and creative design to increase  communication across all areas of the corporate environment, adding value for our clients.

We bring all that experience to bear for each of our clients, with respect and confidence that we can work together to achieve our client’s goals.

Who we are

APM began life as a small typesetting and print management studio in NSW. Since then, the addition of individuals with unique characters and skills have shaped the company into the eclectic operation it is today.

We maintain a focus on client-supplier empathy, attention to detail and a drive to be among the most efficient providers in our industry.

What we do

Project management lies at the heart of everything we do. It’s easy to get ‘caught in the weeds’ and not deliver the best possible result without keeping on top of all aspects and constraints of the project.

For us, project management is king and we tailor our efforts to meet the specific needs, deadlines and restrictions of each client.

How we work

First, we listen. Taking the time to listen and understand our client’s unique combination of needs, restrictions and and goals allows us to deliver creative and successful results.

Then, we talk. Communication is key to what we do, and we’ve developed relationships with a wide variety of suppliers with different areas of expertise to ensure every stage runs smoothly.



Project Management

We have developed great working relationships with experts in many fields to ensure that we can involve or recommend the right people on each job so that, even large scale or diverse projects, our clients can trust us to deliver. Maintaining a business model that is focused on what we do best, and bringing in other trusted experts to join the team when necessary, enables us to tailor our services to best suit each project and ensure our clients’ get value for money.

Our approach to project management is friendly and flexible. It can seem relatively informal but in reality it is extremely disciplined. We can act as consultants, supervisors or take entire responsibility. Most of our clients opt for the later, which means all we need from them is a brief and they can relax in the knowledge that the project will be delivered on time exactly as expected. But our collaborative approach to project management gives our clients the flexibility to use our skills and experience to fit in with their needs and to achieve a successful result.


Design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.

Effective visual communication starts with good design which is so much more than mere decoration.

Graphic Design is an interdisciplinary, problem-solving activity which combines visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge in areas of communications, technology and business. Our team of designers specialise in the structuring and organising of visual information to aid communication and orientation. The graphic design process is a problem solving process, one that requires substantial creativity, innovation and technical expertise. An understanding of a client’s product or service and goals, their competitors and the target audience is translated into a visual solution created from the manipulation, combination and utilisation of shape, color, imagery, typography and space.

Print & Mail

We are able to provide a quality assured, cost-effective path for streamlined production of your printed matter.

Our team includes people with many years experience working within printing companies who bring to our business a level of expertise in print purchase that could only be gained through such hands-on experience. Remember:

Right Printer – Right Quality – Right Price!

And in order to provide a total package for our clients we will happily manage the mail processing of the end product right through to lodgement with Australia Post.

We are conversant with all areas of mailing and fulfillment including the full range of data solutions, and this can minimise the often heavy costs incurred during this fulfilment process.