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I collected the books today and am absolutely stoked with them. They have a really substantial/quality feel, and it's great to know that they've had so much effort poured into them. They're already on the shelves of every Hobart bookshop (even the Tasmanian Map Centre and two chandleries), with an inspection copy on its way to the ABC shop HQ in Sydney. There are even orders for a box from the UK.

Jon Tucker, Storm Bay Books

Thanks to everyone for ensuring that we have maintained our timetable. A very good job by all concerned under difficult and tight timing constraints.

Ken Winters, BMA Gold Limited

We regret very much the last minute changes to our Annual Report and thank you Pam, for working through the night to reset the text. We also appreciate your efforts to get us back on schedule with the printers such that delivery deadlines were unaffected.

Michael Turbott, Austpac Resources NL

Great! Received the proofs today and they look fantastic. It is the first time I haven’t had to make a single change. You are both like Angels - thank you. See you next week.

Suzy Wolanski, Sydney Jewish Holocaust Museum

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