Producing a prospectus

We answer some of the more common frequently asked questions when it comes to writing and producing a prospectus.

What information do I need?

A prospectus must include information required by investors to make an informed decision about the company. This will include assets and liabilities, financial position, profi ts and losses and prospects of the organisation. It must also advise on the rights attached to the shares and is usually accompanied by an application form.


Using a specialist team to produce your prospectus is akin to employing experts for production. It is a value proposition for the company usually saving time and money.

Our team includes graphic designers, web designers, project manager, proof reader, printers and mailing houses. We present the prospectus in a way that is appealing to potential investors whilst professionally representing the company’s position.

Why use a production team?

Timeframes can vary depending on many factors and we manage them accordingly as they arise. Normally the design and standard chapters of the document will be approved prior to the job becoming time critical.

APM Graphics Management have a 20 year reputation for fast turnarounds. Internally we employ systems allowing a design and production team to produce the document in the most effi cient manner possible. We will proof read the document ensuring consistency using as reference the Australian Style Manual all within the most effi cient timeframe possible.

We are able to turn around an approved document within 7 – 10 working days but will advise on a job by job basis. The key for us is the management of every job.

How soon will my final printed copies become available?

While it would be nice to have printed copies available as soon as you’ve signed off on the document, unfortunately that’s not realistic. Once the prospectus is lodged with ASIC, the exposure period will usually be a minimum of 7 days. ASIC can extend this period to 14 days and importantly may require amendments to the document.

Once we send the prospectus to print, it takes up to 48 hours for proofs to be generated. These need to be checked and signed off, and it then takes 5–7 working days for printing, binding and delivery.

Due to these timeframes, it can be tempting to go to print as soon as the prospectus is lodged with ASIC. However, printing before the end of the exposure period is risky – if ASIC requires amendments to the prospectus then you can waste a lot of money on a reprint. We recommend doing a short digital print run (50 – 100 copies) during the exposure period, so these will be available to use as soon as the exposure period ends, and printing the main order only after the exposure period ends.