Annual Reports – A Marketing Opportunity

Annual reports are a statutory requirement for many organisations*. However, they can play a much greater role than simply complying with government regulations.

Capital Competition

Companies today, face strong competition in attracting the capital, (both equity and debt), they need to sustain their business and fund future growth. This is increasing the usefulness and importance of formal company reporting. Annual reports are a critical source of information that influences investment decisions in a capital constrained world (see More Than Just a Pretty Face).

Shareholder Communication

For many, the annual report is the only corporate literature sent to both financial institutions and shareholders, and indeed, may be the only communication shareholders receive from your company all year. This is your opportunity to connect. A well designed and engaging annual report will engender confidence and reaffirm shareholders belief in their investment.

A Great Annual Report

Our goal is to produce that great annual report for you, one which accurately reflects your brand, and communicates effectively with all stakeholders – shareholders, employees, and potential investors alike. It is an opportunity to reinforce corporate credibility, and effectively market your business, giving insights into both past performance, and future business prospects.

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